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Allianz Flextronics is an engineering-centric, Thai-based company established in 2009 that offers reliable, efficient, affordable and sustainable energy products and services in the South East Asia region.

Today, Allianz Flextronics achieves this in four main ways:

3. Authorized value provider for ABB Drives

ABB is a pioneering technology leader that provides products and services for businesses and organizations in about 100 countries and across diverse sectors including transport, infrastructure, utilities (energy and water), and industry. ABB Drives are just one of the more than one hundred products, designed, developed and manufactured by ABB. 

More specifically, ABB Drives is a cutting-edge product that ensures the highest efficiency and performance in the conversion of fixed frequency AC power into variable voltage - variable frequency AC power.  Allianz Flextronics offers sales, support, service, and engineering for ABB Drives in Thailand and the South East Asia region.


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